We've Created A Monster

by Boneshaker

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released May 17, 2013

recorded in february of 2013 with kevin kitchel in lansing michigan.
mastered by shawn

on this recording:
ricky - guitars, lyrics
shawn - voice, lyrics
sam - bass, background voice
wes - drums



all rights reserved


Boneshaker Brighton, Michigan

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Track Name: Forward
Are we to merge man and machine?
Part of some hidden agenda?
Don't act like this is the end of the world.
Maybe it's just the end of an era.

Push push push forward
push push push forward

So quick to demonize progress
Clinging to ideals creates fear of change
Man is already wed to a tech future
What's left is to accept the dawn of a new age

So we didn't write the script to our collective evolution
But should we crucify those who attempt to
Track Name: Success
No money?
You're just lazy.
No children?
You're a failure.
Not married?
Something must be wrong with you.

Maturity on my own terms.
Masculinity on my own terms.

Banging girls and chugging brews doesn't seem so fun.
Pursuing temporal things isn't what i want to do.

Success is what you make it.
I no longer accept your norms.
Success is what you make it.
I hope you enjoy your stupid life.
Track Name: Lead By Example
Never too early and never too late
To make a move, to participate
Freedom is yours to shape your own life
Lead by example, or get left behind

This is our world
It's ours to mold
Don't just comply
Don't just fall in line

You are the master of your own domain
Which is the globe, no boundaries to claim
Here is the stage, now just play your role
All in together, everyone forms the whole
Track Name: Prodigal
This is our only home.
Iill everything and you kill yourself.
What about posterity?
You and yours are not immune.
You think this belongs to you?
We are all merely tenants.
Take and take, never give.
Not a sustainable way to live.
Thinking only of yourself.
Profligate and prodigal.
Spinning out of balance.
Whole world teetering on the edge.
The cycles of nature disrupted by our advance.
Ransoming the future for higher profit margins.
We cannot afford to live so irresponsibly.

It's time to change our course.
Let's take a better path.
Climax community is now within our grasp.
Track Name: Voice Of Reason
Evolution in reverse?
Renaissance of the brainwashed mind
Spirituality's in a hearse
While the cults keep worshipping the end times

Is this the age of regression?
Enlightenment in decline?

We used to live our lives
Without fear of the consequences
That we'd pay for the sins
Of learning from our experiences

Remember when we listened to the voice of reason?
Listened to the oracles of common sense?
Shined the lights of clear and simple wisdom?
Rang the bells of reasonable deductions?
Track Name: Impaired
Why do you impair
Your own assessment of reality?
There's more to it than what meets the eye,
More than you can recognize
You'll never wake up from this cold dark night
Of disbelief, disabled foresight
If you want to see the truth
You must reclaim
You must reclaim
You must..
Reclaim your mind
Track Name: Itchy Tasty
Cold hands outstretched before them searching for signs of life.
Houses looted and destroyed.
The world is no longer ours.
They cannot be stopped or placated by entreaties.
Life without life. Death without death.
Warm hands clutching weapons and searching for signs of life.
Things men made lay rusting, ruined.
Civilization: gone.
Wandering aimless through the hollow shell of a burned out city.
We had our chance and we blew it.
Maybe it's better this way.
Track Name: Origins
The world is a flat disc balanced on the back of an elephant standing on the back of a turtle.
The earth is a pale blue dot spinning across the cosmos forged from atoms which have existed forever.
Track Name: Education
What is a real education?
Information regurgitation?
Food for thought? Or a hypnotic pendulum?
To turn us all into left brained idiots.

I am not your clean slate
To effortlessly indoctrinate
I am not your chalk board
I will not be a scribe to your word

No room for creativity
With too much suppressed history
That was written by those who won
You can change the past if you change the lesson
Track Name: Feral
Are you alive?
Or are you just breathing?
What does it mean to be human being?

Open your mind before your mouth.

How can you live like an animal?
Idiots like you catalyze our extinction.
Track Name: Stupid Question
What you say, makes no sense.
Do you not like being alive?
Why are you still here?
Just die.
Track Name: Dualism
Am i transformed?
Or is this who i really am: ugly and destructive?
Anger within. So palpable. i fight to quell and control my rage.
Skin grows taut. Garments rend. Pupils dilate.
The last thing remembered before losing it.
I am a monster and I hate myself more than you ever could.
But i won't become your weapon.
Track Name: Good Spirits
You can't bring me down
Down to your level
Your negative attitude
Won't crack my shell

If I decide
to have a good day
The choice is mine
your energy won't sway me

The harsh world outside
to which I'm subjected to
The choice is mine,
to be affected, no?

It's not a lack of empathy
I just don't want your energy
When I'm in good spirits
I walk tall, I'm fearless

I wish I could help you
See what I see
But it's one's own path
You've got to help yourself
You have to let go
Of all your rage
Look forward to a better tomorrow
And let sun shine on your shade
Track Name: Estranged
Nothing prove.
Nothing to lose..
I want nothing to do with you.
Track Name: Symbiants
Every potential of this world: apple hanging on the branch.
if you choose to extend your hand you might grab it.

if you don't, never will. Never see what could be.

Every action moves us forward. History cumulative. Don't imagine for a second, your actions don't matter.

We are all symbiants. no man is an island.
Track Name: The Drawing Board
I am no victim of circumstance
Every decision is in my hands
But I just linger and make an excuse
For all of my self abuse

It's no one else's fault
Only my stumbles can make me fall
No use bowing my head in shame
As long as I'm still breathing I can change

Don't sweat the climate
of your condition
Back to the drawing board
You can always make revisions
Track Name: The Dead Tree
System is wretched, corrupt, and wasteful: decaying trunk of a tree. Branches all blackened, roots shriveled up. We need to chop it all down.
You think that i'll bend? You think that i want to live in your world? Wrong. I didn't choose this. I won't take a bite. You'll never change me, no.
They get the life raft. We get titanic. We're going down with the ship. Can't lift my head up over the water. We drown because of their greed.
Track Name: Poison
Poison in the water
Poison in the food
Poison in the shots
Poison in the skies

As if you have a choice

Poison in the water
Poison in the food
Poison in the shots
Poison in the skies

Everything around me makes me sick
I feel this disease at the pit of my stomach
I can't escape this toxic environment
Forged and maintained by the minds of such violent men
Track Name: Oxygen Destroyer
My life to science, no, it chose me
Discovery, my destiny
Am I the architect
of the future?, a new kind of death

A weapon to scorch the Earth?
Disrupt, dismantle, this DNA
The red button's pushed, no switch to undo
This pandora's box cannot be shut

A mere skeleton
of what was once a metropolis
Face down I suffocate
in a deathbed of ashes

I've created a monster...
I am the monster
Track Name: Cops And Robbers
Law and lawlessness
Now draws a fine line
With cops and robbers
Fighting for the same side
No peace, no justice
When the long arm reaches
to snatch everything you have
You have the right to remain incarcerated
Anything you say can and will be used
as a threat to security
You have the right to remain docile and complacent
Anything you say can and will be skewed
by the puppet strings of the media